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Equine Massage Package

Session includes Equine Myo-manipulative & craniosacral therapy & MORE

  • 1 hour
  • 140 Canadian dollars
  • In Person

Service Description

Massage is utilized more and more in the treatment and prevention of injuries, stiffness or edema. It has become more broadly used in maintenance and recovery for our Equine Partners. The various benefits of massage are dependent on the horse, but they include: Reduced Inflammation Improved Lymphatic Drainage Relieve Tension Reduce Soreness and feeling fatigue Reduces Trigger points Creates separation of muscle fibers Improves performance by balancing balance and posture Increases range of motion Tones muscles Mobilizes nutrients into the muscles and removes waste products Other therapies are used such as Shiatsu Massage, Myofascial release & saddle fitting. Shiatsu Massage uses energy meridians similar to those found in acupressure and acupuncture points. These energy meridians are used to restore any restrictions found with these meridians for maximum flexibility and comfort of the horse. It is used to not only manage physical concerns, but also emotional and mental as well. The Myofascial techniques are used to release fascial adhesions typically found in stress points and scar tissue. The various techniques uses in this part of the massage will aid in breaking down the fascia adhesions and improving movement and decreasing pain associated with soft tissue injuries. Your horse's session will include treatments using myo-manipulative therapy, craniosacral, acupressure and Kinesio taping (up to 2 areas, additional areas will concur a fee of 20$ per area) *Soon to come* BEMER/PEMF Treatments

Contact Details


Servicing the greater edmonton area Parkland County, AB, Canada

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