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Horses have been fed certain ways for a number of years; some great, some not so good! 


Offering nutritional consulting for your equine partner to help you understand what's in your horse's feed, and what your spending your money on without ANY affiliation with any feed product companies. I offer an unbiased opinion and am ready to help you feed your horse, like a horse! What sets Stable Mind & Body apart from others is that I`m here to give you diet that will increase your horse's over all well-being. 

Your consult fee is NOT based on time. Unlike many others, I don't count the hours it takes me to find the best diet for your horse, as often its rushed (to save money for the client) or its drawn out (to get more money from the client). You can ask me as many questions or give as much feedback as much as you desire, until your comfortable with your horses diet. After all, its YOUR horse!  It's hard to understand feed, and you should never feel like your asking TOO much! 

I offer unbiased nutritional consulting for horses, without any affiliations to feed companies. Based on my qualifications as an Equine Holistic Nutritionist, my focus is on helping you understand what your horse’s feed contains and how you can improve their overall well-being through their diet. Unlike other consultants, I provide a comprehensive holistic approach that takes into account how different feeds are absorbed and the specific minerals and vitamins they contain. 


I can provide you with a personalized approach to support your horse’s performance, health and well-being, while ensuring that their nutritional needs are met in a way that aligns with their natural feeding habits. My focus is on feeding your horse like a horse, which means using a customized approach that takes into account their individual needs and preferences.  Let me help you give your horse the nutrition they need to thrive!



This is available to horses within Canada and the United States. I do not offer hay analysis at this time, but we will touch base on hay/forage, as its a foundation of your horses wellbeing. 

What your consultation will entail:


  • A in depth breakdown of WHY your diet needs to be changed, to help you understand changes that need to be made for the well being of your horse

  • A thorough analysis of your horse’s diet and an analysis of your horse’s nutritional needs

  • A explanation of new products and what they will offer your equine partner for optimal health & happiness

  • Unlimited follow ups and questions - and if you don't like the changes your seeing I am prepared to alter the diet so that you and your horse are completely satisfied

  • A price breakdown of new products and sourcing information.  

Message me for a complimentary analysis of your current diet. No obligations, just a honest review before you comit to a full consult! 

A consultation with a certified holistic Nutrionist is priced at $125.00 one time fee with additional horses added on for $85.00 CAD

And it gets better..


Stable Mind & Body and GutChek have teamed up to offer the absolute best for your equine partner.

Gutchek is a simple & affordable analysis to dive deeper into your horse's nutrition and understand what minerals they can be lacking/exceeding with complex break down of ingredients that can be affecting your horse's diet negatively. 

Gutchek analyzes your horse's hair and sends back a detailed report that can uncover ingredients that are not being digested by your horse's body, which can cause symptoms that can affect their overall health, coat, muscles, joints and much more. Key component of your horse's everyday requirements can be affected by undigestible foods 

Proper nutrition is the key to the overall wellbeing and can be underestimated on just how important it is.

Gutchek will send you a report and I will create a complete diet to ensure we are removing the ingredients they can't have, without sacrificing good nutrition and health 

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All Stable Mind & Body clients will receive a special price on their Gutchek analysis to get started on excellent nutrition 

Gina Smith's Testimonial

I have had several horses tested by gutChek to look more closely at their possible intolerances. Every result has been very helpful and I have been able to make positive differences to my horses' well being. Three horses have had dramatic results that are worth sharing.


One horse's results showed some mild intolerances so we adjusted her diet accordingly. She always had mild flare ups with her eyes, which produced tearing and swelling and subsequent Itchy irritation. After changing her diet we noticed that she stopped getting this condition. We added the initial feed, back into her diet and she had a mild flare up again so we have kept the change in diet and she is doing great!


Another horse was very hard to get weight on, in spite of feeding all the usual weight gain feeds. He was eating very well and in regular work. When his results came back he was listed as highly intolerant to almost all of the feeds we were giving him so we changed his diet accordingly and the change in him was quite dramatic. He began to fill out, gaining weight and muscle everywhere and his energy and ability to use himself easily, changed remarkably. He was definitely a happier horse on normal amounts of feed.


The third horse that also changed dramatically is a two year old youngster that spent a lot of time laying down, rolling, not wanting to get up and looked like colic, although it wasn’t. He was very round, a good weight and growing well. He did look bloated though and seemed to have a lot of gas but was never treated for any kind of colic. After getting his results we made a simple change in his feed which we thought would take several days to take effect. He actually looked much less bloated and was far more comfortable the next day. He has remained comfortable and is not showing any of the previous symptoms.


The testing process is easy to do and with a bit of investigation into the feeds and their contents we have made positive changes with many horses. I highly recommend this process to help maximize the well being of your horses! I have also had my testing done and have made some positive changes in myself.


Thanks gutChek!



Gina Smith - three-time Olympic dressage team member 

Contact Gutchek today and elimnate the trial and error in your horse's diet and finally optimize their health

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  • Equine massage single session

    1 hr

    75 Canadian dollars
  • Session includes Equine Myo-manipulative & craniosacral therapy & MORE

    1 hr

    140 Canadian dollars
  • Application of Kinesiology taping initial consult

    30 min

    65 Canadian dollars
  • Maximize your horse's health

    5 hr

    125 Canadian dollars
  • An amazing modality to heal your horse

    1 hr

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