When I was younger, I decided I wanted to get into equine bodywork but was unsure on where my path would take me or the direction I wanted to go. My passion for animals started at a young age of wanting to become a veterinarian. I started riding at my current barn, in which I now manage, at the young age of 11. I fell in love with the sport of Hunter Jumping and trained a few horses over my years, including Ellie who I have now who came to the barn deemed dangerous. I was grateful to be taken under Sheri's wing and ride & work with many horses over the years & learn more and more. I developed a special bond with a few, including Jake who I still have today- my 21 year old Hanoverian who is extremely ungraceful but yet still chases the girls around is with me today as well as my 12 year old Canadian Warmblood Ellie, who I trained from the beginning and now my current show horse. Bolt was my blessing from my heart horse Charity who passed in 2017, and left me her precious chesnut colt who is my goofy, curious and kind boy. Barron, my 4th and final (for now) I purchased in September after seeing ONE photo. He stole my heart when I met him and actually was the whole reason I started my journey in nutrition!

I value my horses and everything they have taught me over the years, and they deserve everything I can do for their growing, retiring and performing bodies. 

I`m currently a Veterinary medical assistant which - in simpler terms - means I work in a Veterinary Clinic. I currently work in small animal practice but hope to move to a mixed practice one day. Working in this field has allowed me even more knowledge with conditions that may become presented, as well as having a closer connection to many veterinarians. 

When I'm not working, and not at the barn (so hmmm.. sleeping?) I enjoy relaxing with my cat on my lap reading more and learning more about horses nutrition or conformation or lameness. I definitely love my annual escape to the mountains, even just for a day, to breathe in the amazing air and appreciate the beauty of nature. 


How I`m prepared to help your horses

I founded and started Stable Mind & Body after completing my certification and becoming a certified CEMT. I knew this was my passion and I was so thrilled to start my journey in helping not only my own horses, but others too! 

I enjoy seeing horses look and feel better as I work with them, and when you enjoy the work you do, your going to put your all in it! It goes with the saying, if you love your job, it won't feel like a job. 


  • Certified Equine Holistic Nutritionist 



  • Registered with the IAAMB

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