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Online Courses

Stable Mind and Body offers affordable and owner-friendly online courses for the equine owner's who want to provide even more for their horses! Online courses are a great way to add additional knowledge to your pocket and utilize it as a horse owner, barn manager, breeder and so on, at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home! 

*Coming Summer 2024*
Horse owners complete guide to equine nutrition

The only Canadian based nutritional online course that is going to help you, as a horse owner and care giver, to understand nutrition on a deeper level. Learn about minerals and vitamins and their roles in the body, learn the difference in organic and inorganic minerals and their affects, and I will provide you with tools to navigate the supplement industry, understand the ingredients in your feed, read a hay analysis and so much more! 

This course is great for owner's with multiple horses, barn managers and anyone who values nutrition and is willing to understand just how important it is! 


horse owners kinesiology manual

A easy-to-follow introduction to kinesiology for horse owner's to learn in the comfort of their own home. Developed to target the most common area's I repeatedly see sore and tense in horses I treat. The bonus with this course is I won't just teach you how to properly and affectively tape your horse, but actually how to identify their issues. 

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Acupressure for the  owner

Have Acupressure in your back pocket for helping your horses and dogs in times of need. A comprehensive course to understand the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the use of it. 

Horse people are usually dog people, so here's a small animal acupressure course to help your fur companions at home! Cats & Dogs! 

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Equine and canine raindrop therapy certification course 

Learn the amazing modality the raindrop treatment, originally developed by Young Living Founder Dr Gary Young. This course will guide you through the steps of this amazing modality that offers many benefits such as encouraging and supporting spinal alignment, pain relief, managing arthritis, immune and digestive support and emotional well-being using specific essential oils and massage techniques. 

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