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I am actively still in training for CEMT

Now available for Online Nutritional Consults & Kinesiology Application Therapy

Proudly working alongside 

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NEW! Welcoming Stable Snacks!

Formulated with the horses best nutrition in mind. Absolutely no sugars and no horrible ingredients. These treats are extremely digestible with beneficial ingredients. Offered in Apple, Peppermint and Banana flavoring. We are even working on treats using Chinese herbal medicine to formulate treats for various conditions and treatments such as Metabolic Support, Liver Detox and much more!

Check them out at
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How I Can Help You

  • Equine massage single session

    1 hr
    75 Canadian dollars
  • Session includes Equine Myo-manipulative & craniosacral therapy & MORE

    1 hr
    140 Canadian dollars
  • Offering massages during a show!

    1 hr 30 min
    160 Canadian dollars
  • Application of Kinesiology taping initial consult

    30 min
    60 Canadian dollars
  • Follow up & reapplications

    1 hr
    35 Canadian dollars
  • In depth protocols for performance horses

    30 min
    100 Canadian dollars
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