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Red Light Laser Therapy

An amazing modality to heal your horse

  • 1 h
  • $70
  • Online/Email

Service Description

The use of laser therapy is primarily used in the aid of healing, reducing inflammation and promoting cell repair. It stimulates blood & ATP which are the energy source for cells (blood carries cells & oxygen). ATP triggers cell responses (growth) following an injury. This is also true for muscle tissues as well due to ATP synthesis. ​ When an animal gets injured, blood rushes to the area carrying specialized cells to start the process of healing, which what we see as inflammation. By using red laser, we help the cells repairs and regenerate and reduce the inflammation, cutting healing time in half! ​ Benefits & Uses: Through various stimulations we will bring more oxygen into the area to promote healing & recovery. Laser has also been noted to help stimulate hair follicles, and will thus provide a smaller scar & faster hair regrowth. Laser therapy has shown to have have analgesic affect on nerves, helping with pain control. ​ Laser can: Reduce Inflammation Improve healing Regeneration of tissue Nerve pain relief Increased circulation & oxygen to area Muscle recovery

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Servicing the greater edmonton area Parkland County, AB, Canada

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