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Myo-Manipulative Massage Single Session

Massage is utilized more and more in the treatment and prevention of injuries, stiffness or edema. It has become more broadly used in maintenance and recovery for our Equine Partners. The various benefits of massage are dependent on the horse, but they include:

  • Reduced Inflammation

  • Improved Lymphatic Drainage

  • Relieve Tension

  • Reduce Soreness and feeling fatigue

  • Reduces Trigger points

  • Creates separation of muscle fibers

  • Improves performance by balancing balance and posture

  • Increases range of motion

  • Tones muscles

  • Mobilizes nutrients into the muscles and removes waste products

With specially trained in Myo-Manipulative, we use the body as a whole to heal and treat injuries or soreness. Your session will include shiatsu massage, gua sha, and myo-fascial release. I also include basic evaluation upon physical examination and lameness examination. This may include a saddle fit test as well. 

Myo-Manipulative differs from Massage as a sense that we take into consideration the body as a whole. While Massage is an excellent supportive therapy, it tends to find specific issues and treat it. A Myo-Manipulative session will include attention to the body's meridians and balance. Its specially important for us to be mindful of fascia & connective tissue, as this is what connects everything in the body. 

Price: $75 
Still actively training for CEMT but qualified to offer free massages for case study/log hours to complete certification. Contact me to learn more! 

Kinesiology Taping Application

Kinesio tape when applied correctly lifts the skin, creating a decompression action. This decompression promotes blood and lymph flow which will in turn, decreases edema and swelling associated with inflammation of the tissues.

With every movement during application, it stimulates mechanoreceptors and proprioceptors and inhibits nociceptors. Nociceptor - pain sensors -are inhibited by mechanoreceptors which will equal less pain being perceived. Proprioceptors are stimulated and send impulses to the brain to give it awareness of where the body part's are in both in movement and not.


The benefits of K-taping doesn't end when I leave! It has effects as long as the tape stays on, making it extremely helpful and cost effective! 

I am a certified equine kinesiology practioner with Angels Animals Holistic studies, and actually working on both being a fundamental and advanced certified with Sozo Equine. 

Initial Consult includes full examination and palpation with applied tape along 4 various sections. Additional concerned areas or meridian taping is additional at cost of tape per area plus 40% (Example, the Poll could be $5 where as a meridian taping can be up to $20). For a direct quote if you would like certain areas done, please inquire!

Price: $60

Add on Equine Raindrop treatment for $45 
See details below

Complete Myo-Manipulative Therapy Package

Shiatsu Massage uses energy meridians similar to those found in acupressure and acupuncture points. These energy meridians are used to restore any restrictions found with these meridians for maximum flexibility and comfort of the horse. It is used to not only manage physical concerns, but also emotional and mental as well. 


The Myofascial techniques are used to release fascial adhesions typically found in stress points and scar tissue. The various techniques uses in this part of the massage will aid in breaking down the fascia adhesions and improving movement and decreasing pain associated with soft tissue injuries. 

Craniosacral therapy communicates with the central nervous system and the fascia. With skilled hands and knowledge, the craniosacral system can be touched lightly to stimulate the bodys own healing properties, and aid in removing any restrictions within the CNS. The aim is to stimulate the parasympathetic system, and decrease the activity in the sympathetic system - their fight or flight.  

Your horse's session will include treatments using myo-manipulative techniques with shiatsu, gua sha and myo-fascial release and will also include craniosacral, acupressure and Kinesio taping (up to 2 areas, additional areas will concur a fee of 10$ per area) 

*Soon to come* 

Included Laser therapy

Price: $140

Red Laser/Cold Laser Therapy 

The use of laser therapy is primarily used in the aid of healing, reducing inflammation and promoting cell repair. It stimulates blood & ATP which are the energy source for cells (blood carries cells & oxygen). ATP triggers cell responses (growth) following an injury. This is also true for muscle tissues as well due to ATP synthesis. 

When an animal gets injured, blood rushes to the area carrying specialized cells to start the process of healing, which what we see as inflammation. By using red laser, we help the cells repairs and regenerate and reduce the inflammation, cutting healing time in half!

Benefits & Uses:

  • Through various stimulations we will bring more oxygen into the area to promote healing & recovery. 

  • Laser has also been noted to help stimulate hair follicles, and will thus provide a smaller scar & faster hair regrowth.

  • Laser therapy has shown to have have analgesic affect on nerves, helping with pain control. 

Laser can:

  • Reduce Inflammation

  • Improve healing

  • Regeneration of tissue

  • Nerve pain relief

  • Increased circulation & oxygen to area

  • Muscle recovery

All Laser sessions include a full body evaluation and treatment along with a lymphatic massage


Price: $80

Kinesiology Follow-Up

Follow up appointment after initial assessment with reapplication of up to the 4 areas addressed.

Additional areas at price of tape


Price: $35

Myo-Manipulative Therapy Follow up

Follow up appointment after initial assessment. 

Techniques used include shiatsu and myo-fascial release.


Price: $60 for massage only
            $100 for package 

Laser Therapy Follow-up

Follow up appointment after initial assessment. 

It is recommended for most injuries to do a minimum of 3 sessions for more in depth concerns


Price: $60

Equine Raindrop Treatment

Using powerful pure essential oils and a technique taught to me by Janet Law with Equine Massage Therapy I am now offering this amazing modality. 

The main benefit and purpose of this treatment is to help realign the horses spine and reduce inflammation and pain along the horses spine. The spine is often compensating for other imbalances in the body - which happen frequently. We are guiding the horses body back into balance and harmony. 


  • Targets the horse's sore muscles of the back

  • Reduces inflammation in the spine due to injury or arthritis

  • Improves circulation for better oxygen and blood flow

  • Can assist in behavioral patterning

  • Assists in releasing and flushing toxins

Price: $45

Myo-Manipulative Therapy Show Service

Offering massage sessions for your equine athlete during shows to help them recover and perform their best! 

You can schedule directly with Morgan for local shows (Edmonton area, OR keep an eye on Facebook for shows she is attending in Alberta) 
If you have enough horses/clients or can put together a group within the showing grounds, I offer a discounted rate for shows I am not planned to attend. 

Your massage will include the same as a regular complete massage but will include more advanced taping that is discipline specific

*Show services are best night before, morning of or after. Allow 3 hours before performance time if doing same day*

Price: $170

Kinesiology Show Service

Using the decompression effect of Kinesio Taping, I use basic protocols to ensure maximized recovery before and after hard performance such as showing. By applying the tape we can help prevent inflammation and pain on the hard working muscles of your athlete. 

I also use supportive taping for overnight to allow relief of these muscles, and incorporate the meridians of the horse to ensure a well state of mind. 

This price includes a thorough examination with multiple tapings for both support, well being and pain reduction.  I typically recommend a session the morning of or night before your Show.

 I tape all areas of concern and focus on muscles specific for your discipline, and also tape along a meridian best suited for your horse's well being. Support tapings are usually applied to the legs, while pain reduction can be applied to neck, back and stifles. 

This is an excellent deal as initial consults only include 4 areas - with performance protocols, we can tape upwards of 8 various areas. 

*Show services are best night before, morning of or immediately after. Allow 3 hours before performance time if doing same day*

Price: $100


As a CEMT and Holistic Nutritionist, I offer various sessions to take care of your equine partner. 

Discounts and Incentives 

  • Receive 10% of your session or consultation when you refer!

  • Receive 20% discount when you receive a massage and add a nutrition consult!

  • Receive 20$ off each session if we are treating 3 or more horses at a time (max of 5 - please contact for a larger group rate)


Single Myo-Manipulative Massage Sessions:


1 massage monthly for a minimum of 3 months, scheduled whenever at a rate of 65$, save $30 and no travel fees within greater Edmonton area. Pay monthly


2 massages monthly for a minimum of 4 months. Great during show season at a rate of 60$ per

session, save 120$. Pay monthly or up front and receive 35$ off. 

Complete Myo-Manipulative Therapy Sessions:


1 massage monthly for a minimum of 3 months, scheduled whenever at a rate of 120$, save $60 and no travel fees within greater Edmonton area. Pay monthly


2 massages monthly for a minimum of 4 months. Great during show season at a rate of 105$ per

session, save 280$. Pay monthly or up front and receive 35$ off. 


Please inquire for an quote best suited for your horses needs. 

I offer discounted rates for barns or groups on both my massage combined services and nutrition. It is best to message me for a direct quote

Servicing the greater Edmonton area. Horses outside my 40km radius are subject to small travel fees, or may be waived with a group rate or maintenance package 
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